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True Live Resin™

True Live Resin is the gold standard for full spectrum CBD oil.

The best hemp requires the best extraction process. True Live Resin™ is made from hand selected, artisinally grown, and flash frozen hemp.

Small-batch, cryogenic processing locks in freshness and flavor so you can finally experience the quality and freshness you deserve.

What make True Live Resin so special?

High Quality HEMP

Producing high quality oil is no accident. It starts with award-winning, Oregon hemp genetics bred to take full advantage of the fertile Willamette Valley. Great CBD comes from happy, healthy hemp.


We pick our hemp flowers at peak ripeness and flash freeze to lock in freshness and maximize quality. Others dry and mill their hemp, destroying the most valuable parts of the plant for the sake of bulk.


Our small batch, minimal handling approach allows us to highlight the magic of hemp without needing to add flavors or additives. While others focus on volume and sacrifice quality, we will never compromise.


Cold process is good. Cryo process is better. Maintaining sub-zero temperatures from harvest to oil extraction is not cheap or easy, but it's the only way to achieve zero oxidation or degradation.

The process

Here's how each of our premium quality, small batches is made.

Good Genetics

Not all Hemp is equal

We have planted and experimented with dozens of Hemp varieties to use the best quality Hemp that has the most potent cannabinoids.

Experienced Farming

Good farming practices matter

Our 3rd generation partner farmer grows our hemp the way Nature intended - no pesticides, herbicides, or mechanized harvesting. Just pure Hemp grown exclusively for Oil.

Harvesting Timing

Peak freshness, hand farmed

We pick our hemp flowers at peak ripeness. Yes, "pick" all by hand, so as not to destroy the plant with machines.

Flash Freezing

Lock in all the nutrients

We use a freezer tunnel and flash freeze the hemp immediately after harvest. No preservatives or chemicals are used. This alone separated us from all other CBD manufacturers, who dry out and kill the hemp before processing.

Step 5

Cryogenic Extraction

Best way to extract for CBDa

This is why our products our not actually CBD but CBDa, the precursor to CBD. CBDa is 2 to 4 times more bioavailable than CBD. And 10 to 100 more times more effective than CBD and controlling stress and anxiety. Read Study Here